How do I put this. Chihuahua-s are not my first choice when it comes to dog breeds… but this little girl changed how I perceive Chewys. They are ADORABLE! You could eat them alive. They bring so much joy. They must have been engineered by crossing a bat, a cat and some sort of smaller dog breed. Twisted sense of humor :) but essentially they are dogs. At least that’s how Wikipedia categorizes them :) but I’m being mean. Love them. Completely changed my view on chewys.

Coco-1 Coco-2We had the honor of taking care of her for a couple of weeks. This was her favorite spot during the day. Top of the couch :) over watching everything, like batman :D Just look at her! Cuetsy-smutsy.Coco-3 Coco-4You don’t buy a cabrio in Alaska. That’s all I’m going to say :)

Coco-5 Coco-6 Coco-7 Coco-8How could you be angry at a face like this :)

Coco-9Oh that little yarn in front of her reminds me … I started knitting dog outfits and not only. Have a peek here: The web store’s link is coming SOON. Meanwhile check them out here. They are all handmade by yours truly :) Coco-10 Coco-11 Coco-12 Coco-13 Coco-14 Coco-15 Coco-16Waiting for Gotham city’s call :)

Coco-17 Coco-18She looks like she’s working out lately :)

Coco-19Oh and the donkey. We loved the donkey. Dog hotels aren’t even on the same page when it comes to the service her majesty received here.

Coco-20 Coco-21 Coco-22 Coco-23 Coco-24Arch nemesis… or a distant relative. We will never know.

Coco-25Coco 1 – Owl 0

Coco-26 Coco-27 Coco-28Fear not, dogs of Bergen! Coco is watching over you :)


Let me know what do you think