She is Kila, one calm little cutie … when she’s in the house :) However, when she’s out somewhere in nature, she instantly becomes an energy bomb. She juts comes in front of you and puts down the stick while looking at you with those begging eyes. You kinda’ hear her thoughts “Come on! Just one more time, please!” .

But how did I meet Kila? Our friends, were taking care of her for a few days while her people were on a trip. I asked them if I could take a few pictures of Kila and they were totally in, so one afternoon we went for a walk in the forest. It was so refreshing to play with a dog and have the opportunity to take photos at the same time. That afternoon helped me a lot. I decided to retake my procrastinated project and to no longer deny my inner calling. Pursue my dream, that being taking photos of these beautiful, loving creatures.

Thank you Szilvi, Zoli, Cseni, Bence for the cozy, pleasant afternoon spent together and for the opportunity.

Dog_Paparazzi_Kila_12Dog_Paparazzi_Kila_13Dog_Paparazzi_Kila_5Dog_Paparazzi_Kila_14 Dog_Paparazzi_Kila_2Dog_Paparazzi_Kila_1

Let me know what do you think